Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Internet Safety Comic Book

As the BPS Cyber Safety Mentors spend their summer hard at work creating internet safety materials I got to sit down with one of the teams to talk about their project. Team "Design Five" is comprised of Felix, Germaine, Chase, Lissette and their team leader, Alexandria. They are creating an internet safety comic book/safety manual for students as a classroom or home resource. "It is comic book about the Cyber Safetyheroes, an internet villian and a boy named Danny", Alexandria told me. "Each story also has internet safety activities for the kids at the end of them." The group decided to target children ages 6 to 11 when they were planning their project. They feel that this book will help educate students in a fun, interactive way. They also hope that students will use these materials in both school and at home.

Each member of the group has their own role, "But we also come back and work together" Lissette said. Felix, Chase and Germaine are the designers of the group and have been using Adobe Freehand to create the pictures for the comic. Specifically, Felix and Chase have been creating the frames for the book while Germaine has been working on character profiles. Alexandria and Lissette have been working on the internet safety manuals and activities that will be inserted with each story. They are also using a program called Comic Life to publish the final product. The entire team brainstormed the storylines together at the beginning of the project!

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