Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Attorney General Releases CyberSafety Plan

Attorney General Martha Coakley released a plan to fight cybercrime last week according to an article in the Boston Globe. Part of the plan includes a partnership with Microsoft to train 250 law enforcement officials on computer forensics. The training will involve teaching the law enforcement officials how to investigate IP addresses, websites, emails, chats, IM’s and other important techniques needed when processing digital evidence. The attorney general's office recently received a $207,679 grant from the Justice department to help the state fight cybercrime. Attorney General Coakley’s plan includes six key priorities for fighting cybercrimes which not only includes training but also includes funding for cybercrime programs, and amending existing law.

The BPS cybersafety mentors must have had a positive effect on the Attorney General this summer when they traveled to her office and presented their cybersafety products to her and her staff. Read about it on the OIIT blog. You can read the Attorney General’s plan here.

The Attorney General’s website has some internet safety resources on in, including an internet safety video entitled “Ask the AG about CyberCrime”.

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