Thursday, February 14, 2008

Must See TV

In January, PBS Frontline aired an episode called Growing Up Online. It is an amazing look at how the internet is changing the way children are growing up in this country. I would call it a must watch for parents and educators as the special gives you the story of the social web as told by the teenagers who live on it all day, everyday. You can watch the entire program online broken up into seven chapters. Each chapter explores different aspects of life online for both teenagers and their parents. The program explores why some teenagers escape online and how some parents have no idea what their children are doing. Some of the topics the program covers are social networking, video sharing, cyberbullying, as well as parents' fear of their children's personal safety online. The Frontline website also provides links to resources, interviews with the producers of the program as well as an educator's guide with discussion questions and lesson ideas to use with high school students. I would strongly recommend teachers to review these materials and consider using this content with their high school students.

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