Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cybersafety Resource Spotlight – MySecure Cyberspace is a great internet safety resource for teachers, parents, and children. Created as a free educational resource by Carnegie Mellon University, the site has many features for those who are looking for cybersafety resources. MySecure Cyberspace has a section devoted to sharing security advice based on the online activity your are performing such as blogging, online shopping or file sharing. It also contains an encyclopedia of terms that define different internet risks and threats. There is a section with articles about current topics of cybersecurity as well as a section geared towards parents and the caregivers of children called the family room. The classroom section contains links to recommended educational resources for teachers while the gameroom features links to internet safety related games for children to play.

The site also has a special section for children called the Carnegie Cyber Academy. On this site, children can find lots of information about internet safety and participate in training missions that teach cadets different cybersecurity subjects. After completing each training mission, cadets earn a gold badge in the cybersecurity subject they completed. The Carnegie Cyber Academy contains blogs for the students to read with different internet tips such as how to perform research for school assignments, how to keep your computer safe and how to protect yourself from online predators.

If you are looking for cybersafety resources, MySecureCyberspace has a lot to offer.

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