Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shield - Live at the Fifield!

We are live at the Fifield School for their cybersafety night. The Fifield invited parents and students to view "Jake's Cyber Adventure", the BPS produced cybersafety movie. The movie was written and performed by Boston Public School students last summer to help educated students about safe cybersafety practices. The movie follows the BPS Cybersafety Heroes as they help their friend Jake navigate through the internet and make good choices to help keep his computer and his information safe. In addition to watching the movie, Shield, a real life cybersafety hero is on hand to meet the students and give them tips on staying safe online. There are also other cybersafety activities happening in the school tonight. In one room, there will be an interactive quiz game on good cybersafety strategies as well as a classroom where students will receive some BPS Cybersafety trading cards. The students will discuss the tips and lessons that they can learn from the trading cards with each other. The entire event was planned by former BPS high school students, Vasantee Reddicks and Rachel Gaffney who have been hired as project managers this summer to work on the BPS cybersafety campaign.

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