Monday, September 15, 2008

Cyber Superheroes Release "Be Safe" Rap Song!

In the summer of 2007 Tech Boston hired high school students from Boston Public Schools to work on products that would help educate children on internet safety. One of the products they created was a movie featuring the real life BPS Cyber Superheroes. This past summer, a new group of BPS high school students took on the same challenge and created an amazing rap song starring the real life BPS Cyber Safetyheroes. Copyright, Firewall, Shield, and Amika give great internet safety tips in the song, which is titled, "Be Safe". Copyright raps about citing sources when using information from the internet in your school work. Firewall rhymes about the importance of keeping your computer safe by keeping it up to date. Shield raps about keeping personal information offline and Amika gives tips on reacting to cyberbullies. Eric Esteves, a program director with Tech Boston, helped guide the students in creating a great educational tool that can be used in schools everywhere! The song will be posted to the BPS CyberSafety Website and made available for download.

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great idea for the kids