Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cyber Safety Resource Spotlights!

Teachers are always looking for more resources to teach cybersafety in their classroom. We haven't posted a new CyberSafety Resource spotlight in a while, so here are a few new ones and some oldies but goodies!


StaySafeOnline.org is a resource we have mentioned before, but has gone through a redesign since we last posted it. This site has a number of links to other cybersafety websites and lessons that teachers can use in their classroom. The front page of the site lists the top 8 Cyber Security Practices with links to explanations and resources for each. An excellent resource for all!

Project Safe Childhood

From the US Department of Justice comes project safe childhood. Project Safe Childhood is a national public awareness campaign designed to warn parents about the possible dangers their children may face from online predators. They have released some video PSA's in both English and Spanish that outline those dangers. The main message from these videos to parents is that The site also contains some links to other cybersafety resources.


is another resource we have linked to before. They offer a free internet safety curriculum for teachers to use in their classrooms. They have also recently redesigned their site and have updated their safety lessons to reflect the current internet safety research, including a new cyberbullying package of lessons and activities. They offer free K-12 curriculum covering five units of internet safety. The lessons are aligned to the NETS standards for students which were updated in 2007.

NetFamily News

I know I have showcased this resource before, and it is a link on the BPS cybersafety website, but I can't stress enough how great a resource it is for learning about current issues of internet safety and the impact of technology use on children. Ann Collier, does a fantastic job of finding articles and resources to share with caregivers and educators about internet safety. Every time I visit the site, or receive her e-newsletter, there is something valuable I learn from it. This site is a must read.

PBS Frontline - Growing Up Online

If you haven't seen this documentary on PBS already, then you can catch it online from the PBS website. In Growing Up Online, FRONTLINE takes viewers inside the very public private worlds that kids are creating online, raising important questions about how the Internet is transforming childhood. The website includes a teachers guide to use with students.

BPS CyberSafety Website

Of course, there is the Boston Public School's CyberSafety Campaign which features the BPS CyberSafety Heroes. You can download materials from the site and listen to the cybersafety rap song. All the materials on the site were created by high school students from the Boston Public Schools. If you are interested in learning more about the materials or receiving a copy of any of the materials such as the BPS internet safety movie or comic book, please click here.

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