Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Julie Amero Interview on Good Morning America

The Julie Amero story has gained much national attention over the last few years. Julie was the substitute teacher from Connecticut who was convicted of child endangerment after pop-up windows containing pornographic material were visible on the computer in the classroom in which she was substituting for the day. Eventually, the conviction was overturned after it was proven that the culprit was spyware on the computer. Recently, Julie and her husband told their story of the experience to Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. The six minute interview is definitely worth watching.

The BPS does have filtering software in place to block pornographic sites, but no software is 100% effective. If your classroom computer is infected with malware (a virus, spyware, trojan horse, etc...), you could be putting your students and your files at risk. Make sure that the anti-virus software is up to date by having your TST run the login procedure that will update your desktop computer. If your TST does not know what the login procedure is to run an antivirus update, have them call the help desk. If you want to make sure that your L4L MacBook software is up to date, see the following video tutorial.

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