Thursday, December 17, 2009

FTC Launches Cyber Safety Booklet

The Federal Trade Commission's cyber safety website, OnGuard Online, has just released a free internet safety booklet aimed to inform parents and teachers on how to talk to kids about cyber safety. The booklet, entitled, Net Cetera, covers a variety of internet safety topics including, cyberbullying, sexting, phishing, digital citizenship, file sharing, social networking and protecting your computer. One interesting thing about this new resource is that it gives parents advice on how to talk to their kids based on age group. It has a section on how to approach internet safety with young kids, a section on tweens and a section on teens. The booklet also has a glossary section, which is very helpful to parents who do not know some of the technology terms their children use on a daily basis. One other very cool thing about this booklet is that you can order them in print, for free, from You can order them in bulk, so the next time you have parent conferences or an open house, this might be a great piece of information to have on hand to give out to families!

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